Privacy Policy

This website(Clouder’s Blog) is generated by Hugo as a static site. As a consequence, I won’t collect any data from you.

However, the website is integrated with some third-party services that may collect your information. Below is the list of them.

Third Party Services

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is used to collect visitors' information to help me better organize my content.

What it will collect from you:

  • Pageviews

  • Scrolls

  • Outbound clicks

  • Site search

  • File downloads

  • Location(based on IP address)

I’ve enabled respectDoNotTrack in Hugo config so that it will respect your DoNotTrack tag. Also, anonymizeIP is enabled.

Ad personalization has been disabled in all regions.

For detailed information, please read Google’s Privacy Policy.


Utterances is a lightweight comments widget built on GitHub Issues. It acts as the comment widget in my blog.

It is an open-source project which promises no tracking. But you have to use your Github account when replying and this may leak your personal information.

For detailed information, please see Utterances Github Repo.

As an individual blogger, I have no appetite for your data.

If you are concerned about your privacy, feel free to use a tracker blocker.

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